The road ahead is full of dreams

You’re going to do what now?

This is it. We took our decision. We’re going to let go of our daily routines, our daily life in the mountains, our little habits, our familiar sights.

And we’re going on an adventure!

Der Weg ist das Ziel – The journey is the destination – Janosch

It’s a dream I’ve been dreaming for quite some time now: to buy a catamaran and sail around the World with my family!

OK. Let’s moderate all this a little. We’ll start with sailing in the Antilles for a year. We’ll check along the way that everyone manages to live together in a cramped space all the time. That the family is strong enough to overcome the occasional argument and pessimistic feeling.

But hey! If this works out, why not go a step further and cross the Pacific!

Anyway, the project has started. The family as a whole is motivated. We have sold our house (to a charming new family, which will hopefully get the fullest out of their new house – at least as much fun as we had in it ourselves) and now we’re starting to look for a boat. We’ve started the homeschooling process, we’ve started investigating our freelancing and consulting activities. I can’t say that we are ready to leave this minute, but we’re getting there.

And that’s where you can help us!

We need to empty our house. Everything from our daily life needs to go. All the little things that you spend years and decades accumulating for some obscure moment in time (that probably will never happen). All the little things that you love and cherish as deeply as quickly as you will discard or forget them if they get out of your sight. Well, we need to get rid of all these little things and find them a new home.

That’s why this site has been built. Here you’ll find all the things that we have for sale until we leave the house for good.

So, take a look around and if you find something interesting, it is probably meant to be at your place!

Feature image, courtesy Pixabay user Larisa-K

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