Our location

The current situation

Up until December 2020, we were stuck in France. In Nimes, in the southern part of France (quite close to the Mediterranean sea).

A very nice place actually, but not at all where we wanted to be.

We were supposed to only stay for a month or two in Nimes, after the sale of our house. We sold the house on September 12th, moved to Nimes and were supposed to leave for the Caribbean somewhere in late November.

But we got stuck with a nationwide lockdown on October 30th and ended up staying in Nimes for a little over 4 months.

On December 28th we finally were able to move to Martinique and bought a boat!

After spending almost 2 months at the marina doing various repairs (see blog), we’re finally off to start traveling in the Caribbean!

Below is our position, almost in real-time.