Our location

The current situation

Up until now, we were stuck in France. In Nimes, in the southern part of France (quite close to the Mediterranean side actually).

A very nice place actually, but not at all where we want to be.
We were supposed to stay for a month in Nimes, after the sale of our house. We sold the house on September 12th, moved to Nimes and were supposed to leave for the Caribbean somewhere in late November.

But we got stuck with a nationwide lockdown on October 30th. We ended up staying in Nimes for a little over 4 months.

Once we arrived in the Caribbean, the goal was to get a boat and a tracking system, so as to provide a page that would automatically update with our position. Unfortunately, we are NOT (YET !) in the Caribbean and therefore have no means to automatically update our position (YET !).

As soon as we have automatic tracking, this page will automatically reflect our position. In the meantime, it’s just a good ole Google maps showing where we are.

Update (08/12/2020): This is it! We bought our flight tickets for Martinique! We’re leaving on the 28th! I’ll keep you posted whenever I know more.