About us

The family

We’ve been living in the gorgeous Alps of Grenoble, France, for the last 8 years. It’s been a fantastic time of skiing, hiking in the mountains (all seasons), and major snowball fights!

But now, it’s time for something else.

So, we sold everything and are currently looking for a catamaran to start sailing around the World. Our 2 kids are highly motivated to experiment a new lifestyle, which is going to involve homeschooling, different experiences, and a radically different lifestyle than before.

Our objective is to switch from life in the mountains to warmer climates, scuba diving (more on that later), sailing and discovering exotic new places.

Namaka Family


I was born in Germany and am Dutch & German. My family is from Russian descent and I’ve been living in 7 countries so far.
I’ve been sailing since I was a kid, and have gotten more serious about navigation, passage making etc. over the last few years.
This travel plan has been my pet project for almost 10 years, but we never seemend to find a good time to get to do it.
It seems the wait is finally over!


I am from Nimes, on the southern coast of France. I’ve always been attracted to water and the Sea.
When I was 16 I started scuba-diving and haven’t stopped since. I eventually got my instructor licence.
I have a Masters degree in Oceanography and a PhD in virology and can’t wait to get onboard the boat to get back to diving!
Let’s go!


I am Mattheo, I was born in England, near London.
I am 15 years old and have started high school with homeschooling. It’s not really easy, but I am looking forward to finally settling onto the boat.
Dad, where’s the boat?


Hi everone!
I am Melina. I was born in Amstelveen in the Netherlands.
I am 13 years old, and like Mattheo, have started this year doing homeschooling.
I like snorkeling, drawing, crafts and TV series.
I hope that we’ll get to live on the boat soon and to have a beatiful cabin.


Meow meow Onyx.
Meow meow mauw 2018.
Meow meow meow miauuuw:

  • Thuna
  • Mahi mahi
  • Mackerel
  • Sardine
  • Mice


Carribean Treasure Map

The project

The project is start sailing somewhere in the Antilles or the Mediterranean.

I have to admit that although the Med sounds nice, our primary choice is to start in the Caribbean though.

The objective of the project is to cruise for a year in the Caribbean, and then, if the kids haven’t gone completely nuts, if we haven’t killed each other, if we are still talking with each other, then, maybe, we’ll continue for another year or two.

The main goal is to travel the World at our own pace, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and to discover different countries, people and cultures along the way.

The boat

We are currently sending offers to different catamarans located in the Carribean or the Mediterranean. We’ve got some pretty good idea of the boats that we are targetting. The catamaran needs to be robust, well built, seaworthy, comfortable, maintainable and good value for money. The boats that we are currently considering:

  • Leopard 46 (preferred choice)
  • Salina 48
  • Orana 44

Hopefully we’ll get there soon!

Leopard 46
This is not our boat, but ours will look just like that!