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Yard sale

Today was our yard sale.

It was busy. It was tiring. It was exciting!

We got rid of almost 80% of all our stuff. We actually were lucky. A huge yard sale was organized by the village, and it proved to be too big for its own good. People couldn’t get there, the roads were crowded, parkings were spilling over.

So, people got fed up and left. I had the presence of mind that Saturday morning to set out a few cardboards showing the way to our yard sale. And boy, did we get people coming by!

We put quite some effort into organizing the sale

They all told us the same story: no parking possibilities; they left for home, frustrated from having driven so far; they saw our sign and were at our place to get even with the bigger yard sale. At one point in time, we suddenly saw 5 to 7 cars driving up to our house at the same time! It was fantastic!

I have to admit that we put quite the effort in making sure that everything looked good, that all the prices were shown, that every single little trinket got the attention it deserved to be sold as efficiently as possible.

Everyone helped out with organizing the day. The kids were fantastic too and actually sold a few things to their friends and smaller kids that came by.

So yeah. All in all we were happy that the day was finally over and almost everything had been sold.

Featured image, courtesy Unsplash user Free to Use Sounds

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