Hi there !

We are a family of 4 and a cat: Stephanie, myself (Paul), Mattheo, Melina (the M&Ms) and Onyx (the cat).

We wanted to find out more about the World at our own pace, in a sustainable and (hopefully) environmentally friendly way.

So, on September 9th 2020, we sold everything. Our house, our furniture, all our belongings. We moved (temporarily) to Stephanie’s parents’ house in the South of France, while we are looking for the perfect catamaran to start a new adventure!

I built this website for our family to know what we are up to, for our friends to be able to check on us (and to verify that we haven’t gone nuts yet), and for anyone who so wishes to follow us in our adventure through all the phases (preparation, buying the boat, prepping the boat and finally setting sail).

So, come onboard and join us for the adventure that we like to qualify as the adventure of our life!


Where are we?

The map shows our current location.

We currently do not have automatic tracking but that should be remedied over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime why not get in touch with us, read through our blog pages or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest developments?

So, what's next?

Check back often, as this is the first version of the site. Here’s the project plan of this site:

  • Get the site live
  • Add the blog section
  • Add the extended “About us” page
  • Improve the “Contact us” page
  • Make the site responsive (ie, mobile compatible)
  • Add a translation of the site
  • Create the “Kid’s Corner” pages
  • Create the “Services” pages
  • Creating more content over the coming few days

So check back soon !

Looking forward to seeing you again!