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Hi There !

Welcome to our website!
We created this website for our family, friends, acquaintances, ex-co-workers, future co-workers, neighbors, and well, just for anyone who might be interested in following our adventure. For all those who been actively following us, the latest news can be found here and on our Facebook page.

If you’ve arrived here by chance, well, good for you! Welcome, and have a look around. Let me just give you a brief intro on what this thing is all about.
We are a family of 4 and a cat: Stephanie, myself (Paul), Mattheo, Melina (the M&Ms) and Onyx (the cat).

We wanted to find out more about the World at our own pace, in a sustainable and (hopefully) environmentally friendly way.

So, in September 2020, we sold everything. Our house, our furniture, all our belongings. We moved (temporarily) to the South of France, while starting to look for the perfect catamaran to start a new adventure!

Due to the pandemic and resulting travel restrictions, we finally decided to move to the Caribbean so as to make the search for a catamaran easier. So here we are, in the French Caribbean!

I built this website for our family to know what we are up to, for our friends to be able to check on us (and to verify that we haven’t gone nuts yet), and for anyone who so wishes to follow us in our adventure through all the phases (preparation, buying the boat, prepping the boat and finally setting sail). So, come onboard and join us for the adventure that we like to qualify as the adventure of our life!

Most recent posts

We finally left for Martinique after 3 months in Nîmes. We settled for a month in Sainte Anne.

Medidistance Medical Training

On Aug 1st & 2nd, Stephanie & I attended a medical training to learn to cope with (almost) any situation.

This is a boat

A few updates as we've been quiet for a little too long. We've sent out 2 offers and are finalizing a 3rd offer today.

Selling our stuff

Yard sale

Today is our yard sale. We sold almost 80% of everything we own!

Where are we?

Since December 2020, we are in Martinique to find and buy a boat and to start our adventure.

We’re currently going through the marinas in Martinique and surroundings to find the boat. We’ll keep you posted.
We currently do not have automatic tracking but that should be remedied over the next couple of weeks.

Indeed, once we start sailing, we will get an Iridium Go with a Predictwind positioning system, so you’ll be able to follow us wherever we will be.

In the meantime why not get in touch with us, read through our blog pages or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest developments?

So what's next?

First things first, we need to get a boat. This is well underway.
Indeed, we have already visited 3 boats and made an offer on one of those. All 3 are very suitable for our needs in terms of solidity, seaworthiness, spaciousness, and equipment level for our project.

Concerning this website, check back often, as this is the first version of the site. I am often tinkering on it, and I plan to add the following:
  • Add a translation of the site
  • Create the “Kid’s Corner” pages
  • Create the “Services” pages
  • Get more articles out
So check back soon ! Looking forward to seeing you again!